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The Bad Solution of Heat Seal Strength During Operation of Bag Making Machine

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The Bad Solution of Heat Seal Strength During Operation of Bag Making Machine

In this post we are going to be looking at the some of the common issues associated with the bag making operations.

During the making operation, we notice sometimes that heat sealing of the bag making machine doesn' t totally lead to deterioration of the contents or cause leakage. This is because probably because the resin made use of in the inner seal is suitable or the fouling resistance of the film is not in a good state, that is, it is poor.

To either correct or counter this, it is important to adopt a film with a good sealing resistance and heat resistance. However, you can go for the metallocene polymer which is known for its excellent anti-pollution heat sealing; also the EVA is a perfect option when VA content is high as it has good anti-pollution heat sealing; also for a moderate anti-pollution heat sealing, you can consider the LDPE.


Secondly, sometimes the bag making machine is not brittle or crisp. This could be due to the following: 

· Increase in the heat strength of the plastic composite bags

· Penetration of the film by adhesives during the process of aging and compounding which decreases the toughness or impact resistance hence increasing the brittleness

· Presence of overhard silicone rubber at the seal in the bottom

· Damage to the PTFE wrap or excessive sharpness of the edge of the upper seal

· Excessive time of heat sealing

· When there is excessive pressure

· When the heat sealing temperature is in excess

To keep the bag making machine brittle and to be crisp, there are a few things that should be done thus:

· Ensure that the surface is polytetrafluoroethylene coated.

· Suitable silicone rubber pad should be chosen

· Ensure that the surface of the sealing device is kept smooth as this helps to improve the surface state of the upper heat sealing knife.

· It is important to select the suitable pressure, time and processing temperature of the heat sealing in accordance with the heat sealing features of the inner sealing material


Thirdly, there are lots of different bag making machine for sale. One of them is the non-woven model.

bag on roll making machine

Non-woven bag making machine

For the non-woven bag making machine, the principles of operation are as follows;

It applies ultrasonic welding which is thread and needle free, leaving no thread stitching broken joint. There are no issues of changing the needles frequently. The stitching helps to improve good product effect, ensures quality and high-grade beauty. It ensures high and more efficient working speed, gives a more 3D relief effect on the surface and helps to achieve a waterproof effect, and strong adhesive force.

The non-woven bag making machine focuses on protecting the environment as it can be utilized several times. As a trusted bag making machine manufacturer, there are other general features you can find with our products thus; It is highly affordable and functions far more efficiently than the traditional machines. Our products don' t require preheating procedures hence ensures continuous operations. It is simple to operate and not so different from the conventional method of operating the traditional sewing machine.

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