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One layer single head blown film machine

  • Single head blown film machine  
  • HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, recycled film,caco3 added
  • Machine also can blow bio-degradable material..
Output Range    20-100kg/h
Screw size          45mm,55mm,65mm,80mm
Film width          100-1600mm(according to screw diameter)
2 hours

One hour 
15 years


Rate of
film pass 


Plastic film this machine can produce

Select Your Model

Items: GBCA-600
Film width: 100-600mm 
Screw size: 45mm
Main motor power: 11kw
Items: GBCE-1000
Bag width: 300-1000mm
Screw size: 55mm
Main motor Power: 22kw
Items: GBCE-1200
Bag width: 300-1200mm
Screw size: 65mm
Main motor power: 30/37kw

Items: GBCE-1600
Bag width: 300-1600mm 
Screw size: 80mm
Main motor power: 45kw



Study more key configurations of this machine.

Model name               

Plastic film blowing machine
Screw L/D    28:1, 30:1 (customized)
thickness 0.008-0.1mm
Final product HDPE, LDPE, recycled material, CACO3 added,bio-degradable plastic film  
Application Garbage bag, T-shirt bag, Shopping bag, Hander bag
Material  HDPE, LDPE, BIO, Recycled material, Caco3 added
Output range 20-100kg/h (According to screw size)
Optional device  Auto rewinder. auto loader,rotary die unit,double rewinder,corona treater,masterbatch dosing system,embossing roller
Delivery time  30-60days
Warranty  1 year

Video Show

Watch how the machine working in production.
HDPE/LDPE blown film machine,it is productive and flexible monolayer blown film extruder,it can blow HDPE,LDPE,BIO.
Now bio material is the most popular,SILSTAR machines can help you to get good quality film.


Read the complete introduction of machine and component pictures. 
Silstar’s single head blown film machine could blow different specifications of film which made from variety types of PE material. Materials are usually HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, and specifications are including flat film, with guesst film, and star sela film. Meantime, customers could choose different sizes of screw according to their spcific needs, in order to blow films in different width.
In paticular, this machine is able to produce bio-degradble material after internal components optimization like screws, die heads, air rings, etceteras.
Besides, plastic bag maker who bought this machine could also choose two color in-line printing machine and corona processor to produce printed films; choose rotary die head to blow LDPE film, makes the film evenly in thichnesss and bag making smothly.  
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