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Silstar Machinery Introduction

Founded in 1997, SILSTAR MACHINERY focused on the manufacturing of plastic film blowing equipment, plastic bag making equipment with the material of HDPE, LDPE, etc… who is devoted to providing solutions during the plastic bag production for customers. SILSTAR has become one of the top enterprises in this industry by doing these efforts recent year.

Company Profile

Silstar Machinery was founded in 1997 which coverd a area over 7000 square metersm and employed round 60 stuffs. It is fouced on the manufacture of plastic bag making equipment and film blowing equipment more than 20 years. 
Silstar Machinery has the first-rate technology and fast-resposed after-sales teams, especially in the field of plastic bag on roll making machines.With the high-quality equipment and professional services, it can support those plastic bag maker who produce garbage bag on roll, plastic produce bag on roll, and shopping bag.

In addition

By the needs of biodegradable bags are inscreased rapidly, Silstar Machinery promptly reformed it’s machines to adapt to make biodegradable bags well..
Development path
1997  years

Company founded as a sourcing factory, 
Initial rolling vest bag making machine, and double head blown film machine being installed in China demastic market.
R&D sector and Commissioning sector established. 
1998  years

First semi-automatic rolling drawstring bag making machine, and double-line t-shirt bag on roll making machine being developed and installed.
Keep on developping other new types of machine…
2000  years

First attendance as an exhibitor in Canton Fair, and started doing the foreign business from then on.
In this step, Silstar was capable to develop all kinds of bag on roll making machine according to customers’ specific needs.
2003  years

By the year of 2003 must be the milestone in Silstar’s history, since it realized the automation of rewinding system on all machines, which is the most important technical innovation in this industry.
Succeed to get the ISO certificate 
2005  years

Took part in the International ChinaPlas in GuangZhou.
Turnover of foreign trade took over 70% in total revenue.
2006 years

Vietnam Agency was set up, expanding it’s business as the representitive of Silstar Machinery. So far, Silstar Brand has occupied over 80% market share in Vietnam Market. 
Best selling machines are including single head and twin head blown film machine, star seal flat and t-shirt bag on roll making machine.
Succeed to get the CE certificate.  
2011 years

After years of research, automatic withcore rewinding device had been develped.
Machines’ out looking renewed, and configuration updated.

The first generation of automatic rewinding withcore pet poop bag making machine was develped, and being installed over 150 sets overseas.
Start to make foreign trade through B2B platform.
2012  years

First generation of automatic rewinding device for interleave bag making machine.
Besides, all configurations including mechanical parts, servo motor, rewinding devices are updated to the next generation of new technology.
By this stage, foreign trade revenue had achieved a significant improment of 8 Millions USD.
Started to make AB blown film machine and ABA blown film machine.
2014 years

First bio-degradable(corn starch) blown film machine was succefully being manufactured, and installed in Vietnam.
2016  years

High speed star seal garbage bag making machine with it’s new non-stretch design, appeared in ChinaPlas 2016, successfully drew a big attention to those plastic bag makers.
High speed flat bag withcore automatic rewinding making machine, completed it’s R&D step and passed the test run perfectly in fourth quarter.
This two machines turned into the Star Products of Silstar Machinery from this year, also receiving plenty of purchase orders and being well commented till now
2017 years

Second generation of High speed star seal garbage bag making machine, updated it’s configurations to SPEED UP agagin. No doubt that, again, it gained great amount of purchase orders and created the new sales record in single machine.
Updated technology of automatic paper-core charging system for High speed flat bag withcore automatic rewinding making machine, in order to improve the stability when it is working, received the oversea recognition and purchase orders.
2018  years
By effort of new design of out looking and internal structure optimization on the third generation of High speed star seal garbage bag making machine, we shortened the machine length and decreased operating noise without any effect on bag making.
Automatic drawstring bag making machine improved it’s configurations which brings the improvement on speed.
New designing of withcore rewinding device for automatic flat and t-shirt bag making machine, provided the great solution with low expenses for those plastic bag makers who would like to make withcore bags faster, high-efficient and less-labour.  
We purchased CNC machine center, in order to improve the parts processing precision, so that  could make our machine more stable and durable.
Launched the new company LOGO and new website to describ and define ourself clearly, to introduce ourself to those overseas potential customer completely.
2019 years
We are planning to attend the ChianPlas 2019 in Guangzhou, with our new generation of interleave bag making machine, we believe this machine could bring the Silstar follower’s a surprise.
Let’s meet on the Fair.
The main reason to keep customers stay with Silstar for so many years, is it put the user experiences to the most important position all the time. Besides the in-line troubleshooting, Silstar makes sure it’s engineer teams wherever in headquarter or in distributors’ could provide professional and first-rate services with fast response to those plastic bag maker, including installation, commissioning and maintainance.
Silstar always dedicated to providing customer with the most durable and user-friendly machines, professional and comprehensively solutions during the plastic bag making production.
Main leader

Eddy Kong

As the second generation of enterpreneur, Eddy is well versed in the mechanical manufacturing process, and is able to grasp the needs of customers accurately. So he can give reasonable advises and solutions, and won the appreciation and trust of customers. Now he is leading the company to expand its business actively, and to develop new machines continuously, in order to meet the increasing demands of the performance of bag making equipment and blown film equipment for customers.
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