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The Main Material and the Main Purpose of the Paper Bag Making Machine

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The Main Material and the Main Purpose of the Paper Bag Making Machine

The paper bags are relatively simple and practical packaging options often used for transporting products in small quantities, such as food, medicines, plaster, cement, coal and more. Also, they are beneficial in other daily tasks that require light, disposable and low-cost packaging.

Unlike plastic bags, paper bags which are manufactured using the paper bag making machine, are now increasingly recommended, especially by environmentalists, since the raw materials are said to be more environmentally friendly.

Let’s look at some of the features of the paper bags thus:

100% Renewable: because its raw material comes from manmade forests which are renewable every seven years.

100% recyclable: because they are collected and recycled several times.

100% biodegradable: because when they are thrown into the environment, they are absorbed by the microorganisms present in the soil and water.

100% compostable: because when mixed with waste, they become an organic material, which can be used as fertiliser.

So, as you can see, the manufacture and sale of paper bags is a good option for those who want to participate in a growing and plausible market.

The importance of raw material in a paper bag factory

If there is an essential factor when setting up a paper bag factory, it is the raw material.

Quality, in this case, is essential since the bags are made to carry weight. Therefore, the material used in manufacturing has to be able to support the weight of items.

Equipment needed to set up a paper bag factory

To set up a paper bag factory, equipment will be required. In addition to typical office equipment, such as desks, chairs, computer, printer, telephone, the entrepreneur will have to invest primarily in the machinery responsible for the manufacture of bags. Therefore, you need the following;

· machines for creating bag models.

· Cutting machine.

· Machines for punching handle to paper bags.

· Machines to manufacture a paper bag with a rectangular bottom.

· Compact machine for flexographic printing.

All employees who are operating the hand bag making machines need to use all the necessary safety equipment, which include aprons, glasses, helmet, gloves and more. The safety of employees has to be taken seriously by the entrepreneur.

In the manufacture of paper bags, the entire production process is done in automatic machines. To start production, the paper roll (raw material) is placed in the machine. The sheet of paper unwinds automatically and goes to the impression that is made through clichés adapted to the rotating cylinders.

The amount of colors that will be printed depends on each machine. Next, the paper cut is made according to the programmed size. Finally, the bottom sides and the bottom are made using the Bottom Sealing Bag Making Machine. The control of the production process can be done manually by observation or by connecting the machine to a computer.

Many people produce paper bags in the market, so you have to innovate! Look for new shapes, new colors and make bags in different sizes. You can make gift bags, cardboard, etc. The more you expand the range of materials, the easier it will be to meet the demands of the entire market.

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