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The History and Current Status of Chinese Bag Making Machines

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The History and Current Status of Chinese Bag Making Machines

At present, the yearly growth rate of the packaging industry in China is increasing. Packaging industry of China is exceptionally competing with the international market. It is important to maximize the development speed of packaging technological innovation. 

The essential member of the packaging industry is the bag making machine. The bag making machines are emerging quickly in China. The manufacturers are using the latest technological innovations and devices in the Chinese bag making machines.

The history and current status of Chinese bag making machines

The Chinese bag making machines since growth and research applied to the progress of 19 years of history. It is dependent on the launched Japanese machines, through the absorption and ingestion. In the previous years, the PCB copy board was able to generate 500 mm wide and speed only 15 meters for 60 seconds of the bag making machine. At present, it can easily generate 1000 mm wide and speed only 150 meters for 60 seconds of the bag making equipment.

With the increase in demand, China still has to import a huge number of bag designing and to make machines from Japan and other regions. It means that there is a huge distance between the Chinese bag making machines and foreign developed countries.


Bag making equipment competitive highlights and copy board trend

After reviewing the competition of the automatic bag making equipment in China or abroad, you will come to know that the important factors of the competition are efficiency and speed. Due to this reason, the automatic bag making equipment should have high efficiency and fast speed. Whether this equipment runs on sunlight, electricity, or gas, they have to work efficiently.

High efficiency and fast speed are needed to lessen the price accounting of the target items. On the other hand, high flexibility is needed to adapt to the modification and modernization of the target items. At the time of choosing the copying board for the bag making equipment, it is important to consider the high efficiency and fast speed. Dependent on this, it is essential to carry out the PCB board changing, subordinate improvement, upgrading of hardware, and software. In this manner, the competitiveness of the baking making equipment will increase.

Main Point of PCB modification of bag making equipment

At present, the technical parameters of the national and international advanced machinery of the bag making equipment are different from one another. The key difference is the speed of the equipment. On the other hand, there is a lot of space to improve the operational speed and overall performance of the machine. The latest machine has to stay at 13000P for 60 minutes. It turns out to be the bottleneck of the performance of the machine.

Therefore, the PCB modification will not only improve the speed of the bag making equipment, but it will also increase the working competence. By putting it plainly, this modification is important to keep the machine more competent, capable, dependable, and durable. It will help the Chinese bag making industry in the long run.

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