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Bag making machine is the production of plastic packaging bags or other material packaging bag machine, its processing range for various size thickness of different specifications of plastic or other material packaging bag, generally with plastic bags for the main products.
Plastic bag making machine
The classification and use of plastic bags
1.Plastic bag type
(1)High pressure polyethylene plastic bags
(2)Low pressure polyethylene plastic bags
(3)Polypropylene plastic bags

2. the use of plastic bags
(1)High pressure polyethylene plastic bag use:
A.Packaging of food: cakes, candy, roasted seeds and nuts, cookies, milk powder, salt, tea;
B.Fiber packaging: shirts, clothing, needle cotton products, chemical fiber products;
C.Commodity packaging.

(2)Low pressure polyethylene plastic bag use:
A.Garbage bags, seed bags;
B.Convenient bag, shopping bag, handbag, vest bag;
C.Storage bag;
D.Bags bags

(3)Polypropylene plastic bag use: Mainly used for packaging textiles, needle cotton goods, clothing, shirts.
(4)PVC plastic bag use: A.Gift bag; B.Luggage bag, needle cotton goods bags, cosmetic bag;
C.(zipper ), data bag document bag.
Garment bag making machine
Garment bag refers to the thin film of OPP, or PE, PP, CPP film made the entrance with adhesive film, side sealing bag.

We generally are widely used in packaging summer clothing such as shirt, skirt, trousers, sork, towels, bread and jewelry bags. Usually this bag with adhesive, and loaded into the product can be directly sealed. In the domestic market of this bag is very popular, the application scope is wide. Due to its transparency is very good, is the ideal packaging gifts.

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