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Film Blowing Machine of the Friction Drum

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Film Blowing Machine of the Friction Drum

Film blowing machine is very useful. It produces films in a good way. The film produced by the machine is resistant to perforation, high transparency and multi-face fastness. The machine manufacturer is using the latest technological innovations to increase its productivity. Each machine has different prices, features and functions.

Blown Film Machine

Film blowing machine of the Friction Drum

This machine of the friction drum heats and melts the plastic particles to produce the film rolls. First of all, the dry polyethylene granules are added into the hopper. The operators monitor the weight of the particles when they are moving from the hopper to the screw. At the time when the granules get in contact with the sloping thread edge turning slants then they go on in the process. The collision and friction of the particles take place in the drum.

There is a heated cylinder present in this machine. External heat is provided to this cylinder in such a way that it melts down the plastic particles. When this plastic comes reaches a molten state, it is filtered through the head. This head is present in the equipment which is useful in eliminating the impurities from the die. When the molten plastic becomes pure, then it is sent to the wind ring cooling section. In this section, the machine starts cooling the plastic to the maximum. In this way, the plastic blows through the collapsing plate. After that, it moves on the traction roll to produce the film. In the end, the machine winds down the finished film into the roller.


Every blown film machine has a unique structure. It is a multi-function machine that provides financial backup. When you plan to purchase this machine, you must check its function. You must choose one that suits your needs and budget. It will definitely bring a return on investment. This machine can blow two films of different widths and styles at the same time. It can produce ecological material films.

These machines could easily blow films of different sizes made from a variety of materials. Materials that can be used to make films include LLDPE, LDPE and HDPE. You can choose different sizes of screws according to your specific requirements. The film can be produced in different widths.

What Could Devices Be Added?

There are many devices that you could add with the Film blowing machine. Each device has a particular function and capacity. One of these devices is auto-winder device. It could be added to the blowing machine without any problem. This device is optional but not available separately. The manufacturers sell it along with the machine. There are several advantages to this auto-winder device. The device can be used not only with single-layer blown film machines, but also with other blown film machines. If you need to buy, you can ask the manufacturer to provide it and the blow molding machine.

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