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Customer Ordered Eight Roll Vest Bag Making Machine in Tongcheng Plastic Exhibition

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Customer Ordered Eight Roll Vest Bag Making Machine in Tongcheng Plastic Exhibition

Thanks to the trust of Tongcheng customers who ordered eight vest bag making machine prototype of Tongcheng Plastic Exhibition! At the end of the exhibition, our commissioner immediately went to the customer's factory for commissioning and patiently arranged training to teach customers how to operate the bag making machine. After half a day’s training, the customer has been able to operate the machine proficiently and can solve some conventional setup problems independently. I believe that the more they can use it, the more they will be satisfied with it!


Debug Machine

The last picture shows that the debugger is troubleshooting the blown film machine made from some other company for the customer. The final check result is that it’s caused by the line problem and the customer is presented with a solution and we finally won the customer's satisfaction.

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