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Bag Making Machine Common Problems and Solutions

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Bag Making Machine Common Problems and Solutions

Bag making machine has several common problems and solutions. Different bag making companies are dealing with these machines in a proper manner. Before purchasing a machine for your company, you also have to know the problems and solutions linked with it. In this way, you will have the capacity to manage this machine appropriately.

First Problem

The heat sealing of this equipment starts causing leakage or deterioration of the materials.


The reason behind this problem is that the catching film resistance of the Chinese bag making machines becomes poor. It happens because of using the resin that is not suitable for the inner sealing.


To overcome this problem, you have to make use of the film that can resist heat to the maximum. Moreover, this film should be sealing resistant. In general, the manufacturers recommended LDPE and EVA. These films have the anti-pollution heat sealing, which makes them stand out from the rest. They do not get affected by different types of resins.

Second Problem

The plastic of the bag making machine becomes brittle or crispy.

bag on roll making machine


There are diverse reasons due to which the plastic of these machines become brittle or crispy. Some of these reasons are as follows:

• The temperature of the heat sealing maximizes.

• There is too much pressure.

• It is a time of the excessive heat sealing.

• The upper seal edge becomes too high-pitched

• The silicone rubber at the base seal becomes too hard

• The part of the glue starts penetrating the film during the compounding and aging process. Due to this glue penetration, the toughness starts decreasing, and the brittleness maximizes.

• After the process of placing and cooling, the strength of the heat sealing of the plastic bags starts maximizing. In this way, the brittleness increases.


There are diverse solutions to overcome this problem. All these solutions are mentioned below:

• By the features of heat sealing of the interior sealing material, you should select the suitable pressure, heat sealing time as well as processing temperature.

• Make use of the right type of silicone rubber pad.

• You should make improvements at the surface state of the upper heat sealing. In this way, the sealing surface of the device will remain smooth and do not become crispy.

• Make use of the polytetrafluoroethylene coating.

Principle Of Chinese Bag making machines

When you are about to use these machines, then you have to understand the principle. These Chinese Bag making machines are needle-free, and they use ultrasonic welding. Due to this reason, you do not have to change the needle over and over again. Moreover, they are completely thread-free because of which you do not have to make use of the traditional thread. Instead of stitching, they use different types of adhesives that are water-proof.

The automatic Bag making machine ensures clear embossing. The speed of these machines is fast. They efficiently provide high-quality bags. There is an LED on these machines through which the managers can easily monitor the principle working. The latest technological innovation has simplified the bag making process to a great level.

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