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GBRF-400 Double Lines Heat Sealing &Cutting Bag Maker

This machine is suitable for hot-sealing &hot cutting high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and low -density polyethylene (LDPE) plastic film. It adopts computer color code-tracking, automatic constant temperature, automatic counting, and automatic batch binding. If equipped with a "U" shape bag punching machine, it can make vest bags.

1. GBRF model bag making machine is suitable for making print bags or no-print bags.
2. Semi-automatic: It can do one-line production of the following steps: Heat sealing and heat cutting. The film has to use another punch to make it into bag. So it is semi-automatic.
3. Computer control system: The user can use the monitor control panel on the computer to read technical parameters, set bag length, working speed. It is very convenient.
4. Photo cell: Photo cell is used for print bag to do one line production.
5. Photoelectric control feeding system: This system is used to control film feeding system.




     Bag making width

     150-380mm *2

     Bag making length


     Bag-making speed

     30-130 bags/minute *2

     Bag making thickness


     The kinds of bag making

     Color printing bag; Wite bags

     Total power

     6.5 Kw

     Dimension of the machine



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