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Interleave overlap bottom seal bag making machine

  • Interleave overlap bottom seal bag
  • S type interleave bags, flat interleave bags.
Output                        20-60pcs/min
Bag width                   Max 1100mm
2 hours

Installed to
15 years


Rate of
Bag pass 


Plastic bags this machine can produce.

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Items: GBDRI-1000
Work line: one deck, one line
Max bag width: 300-900mm   
Max bag length: 200-1200mm
Output : 20-60 pcs/min  
Total power: 9kw
Items: GBDRI-1200
Work line: one deck, one line
Max bag width: 500-1100mm   
Max bag length: 600-1200mm
Output : 20-60 pcs/min  
Total power: 9kw


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Model name Interleave overlap bottom seal bag making machine
Final product        Flat interleaf bag on roll, S-type interleaf bag on roll
Application  Garbage bag, Heavy duty bag, Construction garbage bag 
Material  HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE , CaCO3 compound,  masterbatch and additives
Output range 20-60pcs/min   
Delivery time 30-60days
Warranty 1 year
Technical assiatance Oversea Machine commissioning services are available.

Video Show

Watch how the machine working in production
 Interleaf bags making machine can make s-type interleave bag,flat interleave bag,automatic rewinder,don't need use hand to change bag roll.


Read the complete introduction of machine and component pictures. 
As interleaf bags are becoming popular these years, we developed the S type interleaf bag making machine and draw string interleaf bag making machine  to meet those requirements in the markets.
Comparing to those old type machine which only using cold knife cutting bag off, Silstar’s interleaf bag making machine was designed peforate prior to be snapped before rolling, thus bring the machine can make not only flat interleave bags but also S type interleave bags.
Two servo motors control the feeding and rolling movements respectively,  which keep machine more steady and works efficiently.
The rolling system could also do rolling and roller drop-off automaticlly.
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